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Sorry, we're sold out of CRAMPS kits, but...
ssembled boards can now be purchased from Pico Systems!

I have sold all the CRAMPS kits and PCBs I had available.  You can use a service like OSH Park to get low-cost circuit boards, and the parts are readily available from DigiKey, Mouser, and other electronics retailers.  The on-line BOM includes links to 'quick-order' a full set of parts from DigiKey or Mouser.

Regretfully, you will need to create an account and enter your address if you actually want to buy something.  I apologize for this, but it's the only solution I could find that dynamically calculates shipping costs and doesn't cost me an unreasonable recurring monthly expense for a site that I need to use _maybe_ a few times a year.  Adding guest checkout and pulling your ship-to address from PayPal via API is beyond my web programming skill level and this is the "cleanest" open-source solution I could find.